DS106 – Midpoint Story

Daily Creates

A common theme in the dailies I’ve created is approaching them differently than other people have approached the prompt before me. I like to take my own perspective on the prompt and make it more tailored to me. At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t really believe that I could be super creative with these. At the beginning semester, I started with this thread:

While it is definitely not my best Daily, I think that it set the tone for how I would respond to future Dailies and thus set the theme of my responses to the Daily Creates. This was on 2/22/22, and we had to create something for 2’s day. Most people were just taking a photo with a bunch of 2’s in it, but I immediately saw that two 2’s could be flipped and turned into a heart. I took a spin on the prompt and made it my own in a different way than other people did. Another example is here:

For this thread, most people had made a postcard in order to show that they were sending their “Greetings from Mars,” which was the prompt for this Daily Create. I decided that I was just going to put myself right on Mars instead of my dog, and I spent a lot of time doing so. I’m proud of how I was able to make the prompt my own once again, even though it took extra time. This continues the theme of approaching the prompt in a way that reflects my own personality. Finally, I think this Daily below reflects my humor:

This daily reflect my humor a bit and shows my new take on the prompt in comparison to others because I decided that instead of posting a simple image of the vegetable I loathed the most (which was the prompt), I would bring this hated vegetable to life and give the peas faces. Along with that, I decided to make the photo black and white.

Overall, I think the theme of my responses to the Daily Creates is that I interpret the Dailies in my own way and take the prompt differently than other Daily Create responders. While I use other people’s threads as inspirations, I don’t use them as direct copies for my work, because I want it to be my own expression of creativity. I think that going forward I will continue to intentionally think outside of the box for my dailies and build on this theme that I’ve been unintentionally constructing.

DS106 Assignments

My first DS106 Assignment – Meme 1, the Troll Quote – was pretty bad. I totally misunderstood the prompt, but I still put lots of effort into it. For the rest of the assignments, I think that this continues. I think that I link a lot of the assignments to my own personal life, which is seen with Your Own Best Friend Assignment with me holding my cat and also working on my laptop, with my Places of Peace, and with the GIF Your Day.

I think that although the Daily Creates have shown how I have proved myself to be a creative person, the DS106 assignments have served as more of a reflection of my life and the key components of my day-to-day. It’s a place where I can express myself that I don’t express in any of my other classmates. My Daily Creates show my creativity, and my DS106 is a more type of reflection of myself as a person, my humor, and what’s important in my life.