DS106 #7 – At Least It’s an Ethos

When I first saw this prompt I was a little worried because I have never seen this movie before and I had no idea what the quote meant. In the initial quote, he says, “Say what you want about the tenet of socialism, dude. At least it’s an ethos.” I learned through looking up various explanations of the quote that these three aren’t being serious in this quote, or even throughout the whole movie. At least it’s an ethos? It turns out that what he’s basically saying is say what you want about the Nazis, at least they had an opinion. He obviously has no idea what he’s saying here because it makes no sense. Given that context, I chose my -ism word.

I decided to choose “activism.” So say what you want about activists, at least have an opinion. I thought that this was somewhat relevant to our social media versus in-person activism arguments. So basically, say what you want about any kind of activist, at least they’re taking a stance on the issue rather than sitting back and doing nothing. I’m happy with how this turned out considering I started out not having seen the movie and being completely confused by the quote.