DS106 #11: Brady Bunch

For this assignment, we were asked to recreate the classic Brady Bunch image with our own bunch, whether it was family or friends. I used the site CollageMaker to make the photo, and Adobe Fonts to make the title image in the middle.

The picture in the top left is my brother, Nathan – right next to him is me. We were at a family party and one of our family members caught a picture of us looking at each other right before we bursted out laughing about something. I chose Nathan because he’s my brother and one of my best friends. On the top right is one of my close friends, Lily. Below her is my sister Emma. Below Emma is my boyfriend, Kobe. to the left of him is my best friend Kairlye, and to the left of her is my cat, Ranger. Above Ranger is Helena, another one of my closest friends.

I chose all of these people because they are all either family or close enough to be my family. I love them all like family regardless and that’s why they all made it into the Gracie Bunch – This would be a pretty hilarious show if it was real.