Daily Create #tdc3722

This Daily Create prompted us to take a line from The Godfather and superimpose it on a scene from Star Wars, or vice versa. I decided that the vice versa option might be funnier, so I took this Darth Vader line from Star Wars: Rogue One and placed it on this infamous Godfather scene. I thought that they emanated similar energies, and also that this Darth Vader quote out of context is pretty funny. I think the quote fit this Godfather scene, especially if you’ve never seen the movie before. At first, I had no idea what to do – The Star War’s movies bore me to sleep (fighting words, I know) and I only watched bits and pieces of The Godfather, so I have no idea what the actual sequential events of the plot are. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this Daily Create turned out, and it was fun to research quotes and scenes from each movie since I’m not familiar with either of them.