DS106 Digital Story

For this assignment, I decided to take after the example on the website and just take a video of my laptop while narrating it. I made a few google slides with each of the showcased assignments on them and asked myself three questions for each of them:

  1. How do my DS106 assignments showcase my creativity?
  2. How might I use the skills from my DS106 assignments beyond this course?
  3. What am I most proud of in my DS106 assignments?

In total, I chose six assignments to showcase. The first was a Daily Create, the second was a GIF, the third was a Meme, the fourth was an Image, and the fifth and sixth were two more Daily Creates.

I liked going back through my assignments and seeing my growth with them throughout the semester. I also liked being able to look back at my work and feel proud of it. I initially didn’t think that I would do well with any of these assignments because I don’t consider myself to be a visually creative person, I am only creative with words like through writing. However, I proved myself wrong this semester and actually created some pretty cool things, and I’m happy with that. This was a good assignment to wrap up the semester and reflect on my work and how it all came together in the end.