DS106 #3: Sassy Pet GIF

For this DS106 Assignment, I decided to use a funny video from a while back of my cat instigating a fight with my sister’s cat, who he isn’t really fond of anyway. Ranger (the one being mean here) likes to sit in my window in my room and look out at the birds. On this day, though, my sister’s cat thought it would be a good idea to go sit with him. So, Ranger started purposely wagging his tail to annoy him, and then when my sister’s cat didn’t like it anymore, Ranger decided to turn it on him and attack. It was super unnecessary and sassy, and really hilarious, too.

I used ezGIF to create this GIF. I tried to upload it to the site as a GIF, but the only way it let me do it was as a “video.” I added some commentary to the frames and picked the best part of the video, and I think it turned out pretty good!