DS106 #2: Places of Peace

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The first place of peace (top-left) is at Fortunes Rocks Beach. Growing up here my whole life, Fortunes has become a place where I can take a walk, run, longboard, or simply drive around to clear my head. It’s provided many beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and a place where I feel calm and happy with the loudness of the world drowned out by the crashing of the waves. This is my go-to place when I need peace.

My second place of peace (top-right) is relaxing and reading a book in a warmly lit and quiet room. Whether it’s for school or a choice book, there is always something inherently peaceful about reading a book without time constraints, in a room that is lit with the natural sun. Paired with a cup of tea, I can breathe easy here.

My third place of peace (bottom-left) is my garden beds! In the summer, I landscape for a company and then come home and tend to my own veggie garden. This photo is at the end of spring, and by the end of summer, I have plenty to take care of. Tending to my garden and keeping it alive and healthy and watching the plants grow and flourish into veggies is one of the most calming things I do for myself and where I love to be most in the summer.

My last place of peace (bottom-right), but certainly not least is with my cat, Ranger. He has a personality that is so docile and calm, and whenever I get time to sit with him I feel just as calm. With a busy life where I’m usually on the go, Ranger’s sweetness and slowness always make me feel at peace, giving me time where I can take a breath and just focus on giving him some well-deserved pets.