DS106 #6 – GIF Your Day

On this Wednesday morning, I decided to have some Chai rather than my usual coffee. In the morning, I try to give myself as much time as possible to relax and have a hot drink because I am out of the door by 8:45AM for work in the Pscyhology Lab I work in, then have two classes from 11AM to 1:50PM.

When I finally have a break from 2:00 to 3:15 I like to grab myself some lunch and go back home to eat it. Today I decided to go to Tropical Smoothie and get a Buffalo Wrap and a smoothie. The best part of busy days like these is when I finally get to sit down, eat some good food and watch a little TV.

After finishing lunch and heading back to work in the Lab from 3:30 to 5, I was happy to come out of the building and see the really pretty snowfall. I had no idea we were getting any, and it was the kind of snow where there wasn’t any wind involved, kind of like shaking a snowglobe. It was a very peaceful end to my day as I walked from campus to my car to leave UNE for the day.

When I got home from work, I had no choice but to go straight to the books and finish my homework for the classes I have Thursday, which took up the rest of my night. LOTS of reading today, but it’s almost Spring Break so it’s worth it!