Daily Create #tdc3680

While I didn’t plan on answering this daily create prompt at first, I decided to look at it a little longer and see what I could make of it. When I did, I started to see a resemblance to the Medieval spear-and-shield knights that rode on horses and fought their opponents. In the image I found of the unicorn, I noticed that its main weapon was its horn, most likely to defeat its opponent, the lion. I then decided to construct a narrative where we humans, long ago, were the cause of the extinction of the unicorn. 

It’s not entirely impossible that there was a horse with a horn. Of course they didn’t fly, but if we were around at the same time as the Unicorn then I’m sure at some point we would have used them as battle weapons, eventually driving them to extinction. In the aftermath we created, we then had to make do with spears and horses. And that’s what I constructed my Twitter story around, with a reference photo of a knight for comparison!