DS106 #1: Troll Quote

At first, I was stumped at what to do with this assignment. I knew that I wanted to pull a character from the Marvel universe, but I wasn’t sure which ones were similar enough… Until I thought about Spiderman.

In honor of the recent movie, Spiderman: No Way Home (If you haven’t seen it yet, you shouldn’t care about spoilers), I decided to clash these three Spidey universes into one confusing troll quote meme. If you know the plot of the movie, the meme will make more sense. Most people have seen it at this point, though, so I think the concept will land.

The quote is actually from the original Peter Parker, Tobey Maguire. Most Marvel fans know this because it’s one of his most famous ones from all three movies. However, the picture is from Tom Holland’s Spiderman. The credit is given to Andrew Garfield, who never said this in either of his Spiderman movies. It’s like the meme below, but different:

Anyone who isn’t familiar with the Marvel movies would easily believe this. Some may argue that all of them are too similar to actually make a troll quote with. However, they are all from different universes with different personalities and lives. Therefore, nothing about this meme is correct, and it was a little painful (but fun!) to make.


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