Daily Create #tdc3757

Today’s Daily Create prompt was a really fun one – Using the site DREAM, we were asked to ‘Input Words, Output Art’. This site has you enter keywords and generates an art piece for you based on the words you chose, up to 100 characters.

For mine, I tried quite a few different word combinations and styles before I found the one that I loved the most, although every piece was very cool. This final piece was one I got from typing in “Starry night at the calm beach” with the style ‘Mystical’.

I think that this piece actually turned out to be beautiful. In the middle of the sky is almost a tornado of stars that convey a mystical tone to the piece while also capturing the sand and the sea in a subtle yet definitive way. This site is very cool and I really enjoyed doing this prompt because I ended up with a visual output of the words I typed, which is exactly what I was hoping for since I can be creative with my words, but have a harder time conveying the words visually.