Daily Create #tdc3744

Let’s just say that the email about the 3% tuition increase that’ll be put in place for next semester hit a little hard for me and some other students I’ve talked to. I love being here and I don’t plan on leaving since I’m halfway through, but I had to pick up another job off campus even though I’m working two jobs here because I won’t be able to afford school next year if I don’t.

But I really just wanted this to be relatable to other students in the class because I know we all felt it when we read that email on some level, so maybe it’ll give others that relatability chuckle. I went super out of my way to make this by first using https://cleanup.pictures/ to get rid of the original words on the post, and then superimposed new words with Foto Editor

And then I realized there was a link to the site that I could have spent way less time used to make it! But I guess I’m just a better DS106’er because of it so it’s all good. Hope this made someone laugh a little, not because it’s super funny but because it’s painfully true :’)